087: DyingScene.com Coverage


The lovely Dyingscene.com has graciously covered the new Bad Religion cover song release. Check it out here!


086: Bad Religion Cover & Music Video

Well, here it is, at long last… the official release and music video for our cover of the song “Sanity” by Bad Religion. We recorded this song in Summer, 2013, but finally are out of our record contract to be able to release it. So, here ya go. That being said, we are currently back in the studio recording new music! The debut LP, Golden Rule, was released this past October and is available on www.pissingcontest.bandcamp.com, along with the Bad Religion cover and the rest of the discography. Thanks for the love. Thanks for the hate.

085: “Sanity” (Bad Religion Cover) Coming Next Tuesday




We are stoked to announced that next Tuesday, 03/24/15, we will be releasing a cover single of the song “Sanity” by Bad Religion. The tune will be available for free download & streaming via Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, & more. There will also be a ltd. CD release.

A new merch store is in the works! Rejoice! Other than that, we press forward writing & recording new songs. Thanks!

084: New Bass + New Songs

Just added this new bass to the arsenal and getting back into the studio with almost an album’s worth of new material written, and 2 songs already recorded. This is the best Pissing Contest material to date. Believe that.



Surprise! We are going into the studio starting this next week to record vocals for 2 new songs. Get stoked.




2nd pressing of the first 2012 EP just came in and they look amazing! This, along with the 2014 debut full length, will be hitting the all-new merch store around Xmas!



I got this lovely package in the mail the afternoon from the incredibly special Wiener Records (a division of Burger Records). Consider this foreshadowing.

– Mat




Here is the first picture of the wickedly awesome debut logo hat.  It came out so good! I also ordered some re-presses of the first EP and ordered some DVDs in! You heard that right! We will be announcing all of the detrails of the DVD very soon, so hold tight! Also, the CD versions of the new LP, Golden Rule, should be here in a couple of weeks. Lots and lots of insanely cool things coming your way. Thanks.


079: New Website & Updates

Welcome to the all-new PISSINGCONTEST.COM! We finally got everything transfered over from our previous .net domain.  So, now, all the good stuff is stored on here, instead of just a forwarding mask.  We have ons of new stuff updated such as new releases pages, updated bio, updated press articles, & new videos.  Picture galleries and newer “making-of” videos from the recording of the album are still on the way, as well as an all-new merch store.

Keep checking back for some epic news on the release of hardcopies of our debut LP, GOLDEN RULE, very soon! Thanks for the support!

078: New Music Video for "Fake Blood"

Here is the new music video and album “making-of” video for the song “Fake Blood” from the debut LP, GOLDEN RULE.